June 27

The Angelic Voice Of Alison Krauss Encourages Us In “I’d Rather Have Jesus”

Alison Krauss

Besides the angelic voice of Alison Krauss, the words and lyrics of “I’d Rather Have Jesus” can truly pierce our hearts and souls. Thus, the voice and the message encourage us the limitlessness of Jesus to make us better human beings. Also, the lines are so strong that they remind us to believe and have faith in the power of Jesus. Not only that, the hymn is one of the instruments to change the path of our lives and to connect with God.

I’d Rather Have Jesus…

Rhea F. Miller was the songwriter behind the words and lyrics of “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” It was a poem written in 1922 accompanied by the tune of George Beverly Shea.

Moreover, the poem was left on a piano in the Shea home by George’s mother. It is because she wanted her son to change the course of his life. George found the poem and was moved by the phrase “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” They then had a conversation about George’s aims and ambitions in life. Furthermore, George sat down at the piano and began singing the lyrics with a melody that fits every word. George’s mother requested him to sing it at the church.

Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss is known to be God-fearing. She is one of the many country artists who embrace gospel music. With this, Krauss has recorded numerous Christian songs to motivate people to believe in God. With her angelic voice, it is evidently an instrument and a way of God to get closer to him.

Above all, the voice of Alison Krauss is genuinely persuading. It can mend a broken heart and a lost soul specifically when singing a Christian hymn.

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