Alan Jackson is undeniably one of the biggest country stars of all time. It is amazing to know that he kept his marriage on a low profile even with his status. But, of course, his marriage was not all that perfect.

alan jackson, marriage
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In an interview, Alan Jackson’s wife, Denise Jackson opens up about her insecurities in her marriage and how her faith in God helped her through it.

Alan Jackson and Denise Jackson’s 40-Year Marriage

In the 18th year of their wedding, the couple almost went into divorce. Alan Jackson’s team released a statement that the two are separating. Things weren’t quite well between the two due to personal differences. The country singer was busy with his tours and Denise Jackson was restless. She approached a friend and asked for guidance and that is where she realized that she needed the guidance of God.

alan jackson, marriage
via Alan Jackson’s Official Facebook page

The two went into intense counseling therapy. Denise prayed not for her husband, but for herself to be more enlightened. She asked for guidance and to be more understanding with her husband. In the end, she says that becoming closer to God helped her be more loving and understanding with her husband.

Another Tragedy Struck the Couple

In 2010, the couple went into another major struggle in their marriage. Denise Jackson was diagnosed with cancer and this really made them closer to each other. Alan Jackson was always by her side and he never left her. Fortunately, their love for each other and with God resulted in Denise being cancer-free.

alan jackson, marriage
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Their story is a good reminder of how one’s faith can be an anchor during tough times. The couple would have been separated by now if not for their strong belief in God. We all know how powerful prayers are and we have to hold on to these things. Alan and Denise Jackson serve as a good example for all the other couples out there. No matter what you are going through, you can come out of it happily, as long as you believe in God.

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