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Alabama and their Wonderful Version of “Angels Among Us”

Alabama’s “Angels Among Us”

Photo Credit: Alabama/ by Screengrab

Alabama is a well-known country band who covered the song “Angels Among Us.” It was released in December 1993 as the single from Alabama’s album, Cheap Seats.

Angels Among Us” entered the country chart on the Hot Country Songs. It was said that the song became a blessing to their career. On the other hand, Owen, Alabama’s lead singer, sang this song on his close friend’s funeral.

Moreover, the song was recorded by numerous country artists, which made more popular with country fans.

Song’s Theme

Photo credit: Alabama/ by Screengrab

Every single word of the song reminds us that God has sent his angels here on earth to watch over us. We may not have physically seen God, but his angels will show us who our God is.

Our family and friends have been the instrument of God in order to protect, guide, and love us in our day to day life. He chooses the people who will enter our life. Moreover, we do not meet people by accident. Instead, God lets them enter our life because He has a purpose for it. The purpose of this person may be a blessing or a lesson in our life. A blessing is a person who is willing to conquer the world with us.

Second, A lesson is a person who temporarily enters our life. Their only purpose is to teach us a lesson in life. A lesson that we will treasure in our life.

Moreover, wherever life takes you, just trust in God because He promises not to let us walk alone. Perhaps, wherever we are, He is with us. In times of hardships, let us always remind ourselves to never surrender for we are with God.

To wrap up, this song would like us to remember that God has sent His angels here on earth to watch over us and make life easier.

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