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Lively and Enjoyable: Alabama’s Live Performance of “I’ll Fly Away”

American country music band Alabama performed their version of “I’ll Fly Away” in 2015.

Alabama began its country music successes in the 1980s and has charted over 27 #1 hits on the US Billboard charts. They already have multi-platinum albums and also received many awards.

Alabama’s Version

Released in 1932, “I’ll Fly Away” has since spawned many cover versions, including those of George Jones, James and Martha Carson, Allison Krauss and Gillian Welch, Boby Marley and the Wailers, Alan Jackson, and even Kanye West.

Add Alabama to the list of artists above that covered the song.

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The band performed their version of the gospel song, “I’ll Fly Away” live, with Randy Owens on lead vocals. 

Alabama’s version is more lively and upbeat complete with a mix of the sound of instrumental background. Owens and the backing vocals blended perfectly. In a video of their live performance, Owens was trying to hype up the crowd and encouraged them, at one point, to sing the song with him. The liveliness of their cover prompted the audience to clap their hands in the air and enjoy the song with the band. Alabama received a round of applause from the audience as they finished their enjoyable performance of the music.

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Listeners and fans commended the band for singing a gospel song with such energy. The song, they said, is meant to be sung lively because of its message of anticipation of entering heaven. 

The fans dubbed the ban as the “best” and “greatest” country music band ever because of their lively rendition of “I’ll Fly Away.”

Watch their live performance of “I’ll Fly Away” right here.


Alabama, i'll fly away

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