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October 23, 2020


October 23, 2020


October 23, 2020

Nothing beats country music in terms of music about passion, but what if the so-called passion is craziness about alcohol? Well, look no more as there would be no better suit for the title than the foursome of Little Big Town bringing their intense drinking and performing antics during the CMT Awards. They’ve brought another alcohol-themed performance of ‘Wine, Beer, and Whiskey’.

Booze for Boost

With chart-topping performances with their recent song release such as ‘Day Drinking,’ Little Big Town has been nominated for CMT’s Video and Group Video of the Year Award. This made them one of the most anticipated performers during the rescheduling of the event. And what’s best to describe them than a lap up a bunch of superstars, turning a formal event into the ultimate virtual/physical rave parties ever seen?

Little Big Town had ‘Sugar Coat’ who stars Kate Bosworth and ‘Wine, Beer and Whiskey’ as the singles who gave them the tickets to once again get them performing at the CMT stage. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to bring home any of the awards they were nominated in. Nonetheless, they are still winners as they did something better than receiving awards; making people happy by sending them dancing through one of their booze songs.

Celebrating Milestones

For two consecutive years (2017-2018), Little Big Town won the CMT Group Video of the Year awards back to back with their “Better Man” and “When Someone Stops Loving You”. This year, they might not have brought home any special awards, but it’s rewarding enough to be nominated for something in 10 years straight by the CMT. Overall, they received 19 total candidacy spots.

CMT must’ve loved Little Big Town that night that they had a toast for them in their official Twitter account.

Raise those glasses and flip those bottles from up to down! As for the Little Big Town, the party is still just getting started. Let us hope for other new fun-filled singles and performances by the group in the future because what drives them further isn’t about the golden cup they bring home but in how they develop as artists that really gets them going.

Country music is indeed all about passion, and right now, what Little Big Town is passionate about is for their fans to catch the same passion as brought by their music.


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