Being in a family of performers is not easy, especially if your father is a famous celebrity. Moreover, people will expect that your offspring will follow your footsteps.

Anyway, other celebrity’s children will succeed in the music industry and others will have a struggling career. Most of the time, some of them will ride on their parents’ name to be famous. But Willie Nelson’s kids are different, they want to build their own career without the help of their father.

Moreover, Nelson and his two sons released their own version of the classic hit “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.” In the video, they reminisce some of their happy moments. Plus, a lot of people were amazed at their performance.

willie nelson, son, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

Photo Credits: Willie Nelson/Official Facebook Home Page

Emotional Performance of Willie Nelson and his Sons

Singing with a legend is a once in a lifetime chance, but singing with your dad is priceless. Anyway, Willie Nelson is now 85 but he still got what it takes to melt the heart of thousands of people. Recently, Nelson teamed up with his two loving sons to break the internet with their amazing rendition of the hit “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.”

This hit was originally performed by Roy Acuff and it was covered by a lot of artists. And, this made the song really iconic in Country Music. Furthermore, this hit also helped Nelson to become a famous recording artist.

willie nelson, sons, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

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Fans Can’t Got Over With Them

Lucas, Nelson’s son, revealed that the hit was the first song he ever learned from his father. Further, once you listen to the video it seems that Willie Nelson is the one singing all throughout. Fans went crazy over this, saying that he sounds exactly like his father.

If you want proof, better watch the video and be amazed by their performance.

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