October 3

A Closer Look at ‘Wildcard,’ Miranda Lambert’s Phenomenal Album

It has been three years since Miranda Lambert released a full album for herself with “The Weight of These Wings.” The 24- track album dwells on regrets, rebounds, and emotional resets that one feels after experiencing a divorce.

Now, “Wildcard” tells a more concise story. Here are some of the things that you need to learn about “Wildcard.”

Lambert is happily married to a cop from New York City who was living part-time in the Big Apple. Although her writing style show dark corners of heartbreak and hangover, she approaches the topic with bright self-effacing humor.

In a one on one interview, Lambert revisited her first recording session when she released her first studio album and discussed how it impacted “Wildcard.” Good enough, Lambert’s 7th studio album was approached the way she approached her first one. Lambert admittedly said that this was the album that she first overthought.

‘Wildcard’ was released on November 1, 2019 and produced timeless hits like “It All Comes Out In the Wash” and the chart-topping “Bluebird.” Her latest single, “Settling Down,” is at country radio now.

Here are some of the top charting singles from “Wildcard”

  1. White Trash

During the first five seconds, Jay Joyce’s mastery was heard as she added a countrified twang of banjo into the song’s intro. However, no one could deny that the song revolved around the skill and the majestic voice of Miranda Lambert.

2. Mess with my Head

This track has more in common with the neon of 1980s mainstays like Cyndi Lauper and the Cars. “Mess with my head” was also a statement of Lambert’s adventurous side as the song’s bridge featured all chopped-up synthesizer loops and stuttering polyphonic drums fill the music.

3. Bluebird

With overlapping atmospheric layers of pedal steel, the timeless hit will remind you to stay resilient and determined no matter who’s trying to clip your wings.

Expect More from Miranda Lambert!

After the release of her successful solo album, Miranda Lambert will be back on the road this year. Together with her husband, Brendan McLoughin, they travelled for 6 days through 4 states, a total of 1,000 miles! Lambert finds the highway relaxing, but at the same time, it constantly gives you the ability to focus. This love for traveling can be given to the number of times Lambert had traveled in between tours throughout the course of her career.


Miranda Lambert

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