January 9

May We Learn “The Price of Regret” as Sung by Vince Gill

“Creative people… the only color they see are the “black” and “white” notes on a piano.”

– Vince Gill –

Back in December 2017, Oklahoma Hall of Fame inductee, Vince Gill opened his heart raw concerning the evil of racism. In a few words, he spoke about his share of experience about feeling rejected by his own dad and on how an African-American lawyer helped him turn that around. To further drive his point, he performed one of those rare but poignant songs called, “The Price of Regret.”

At the end of his performance, he got another standing ovation. And like a true star, Gill did not put on airs. Humbly, he bowed and thanked the crowd while silently retreating to the back stage leaving the continuous applause behind.


True words fitly spoken Vince Gill! Like the white and black keys on the piano, we can all work in harmony and accomplish much if only we stop getting blindsided by racism.

Gill’s Entry in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame

On top of conferring honors and awards, the “Oklahoma Hall of Fame” is on a mission to preserve their history through stories by its own people. Vince Gill, an Oklahoman native himself, got his induction in 1997. Having made a name for himself in Hollywood, Gill did not neglect to give back to his roots.

Returning to Oklahoma, he actively participated on various charity and fundraising events. He also has his initiative called the “Vince Gill Celebrity Golf Tournament” done yearly in Oklahoma City. Proceeds from the said projects benefit special care centers.


Even with his calendar packed with concerts and shows, Gill won’t stop reaching out to help people. To date, Gill has been supporting and helping 14 charities and foundations. Red Cross, ACM  Lifting Lives, Children’s Health Fund, City of Hope, Colon Cancer Alliance, Creative Recovery Communities, Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance.


Vince Gill

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