November 26

Let’s Travel to the Country Side and Have Fun with Tracy Byrd


Life in the countryside has a huge difference from the urban areas. Hence, it is peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful, which are the main trademarks of a rural way of life. Also, there is no tension and stress. But the best part of having a country life is that there is no pollution and we can often enjoy the melodious sound of different kinds of birds. Well, let’s go ahead then and let Tracy Byrd be our tour guide.

The Lifestyle of The Not so rich and Famous

Tracy Lyn Byrd rose to fame in 1993 with MCA Nashville as a country music artist. Also, his single “Holdin’ Heaven” went to no. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles that same year. Byrd has charted more than 30 hits throughout his career and I guess that’s not bad at all.

Growing up was not easy for Tracy Byrd especially when he reached college. As a young adult, he needs to work to finance his studies. With this, Byrd usually performs with a local band in Beaumont. Until he got discovered and the door of the country music industry opened a great opportunity for him.

Life in a City is Artificial

“I’m from the Country” was recorded by the country superstar Tracy Byrd and was written by Marty Brown, Stan Webb, and Richard Young. Further, the hit was released 7 years after the breakthrough of Byrd. Anyhow, the song was loved by the public because it slammed at no.3 in Billboard Hot Country Songs and no.1 in Canada Country Tracks.

The hit was loved, due to its relatable message about a relaxed country life full of happiness. With this, Tracy Byrd was praised by a lot of critics. In my opinion, the song itself, and the music video show a real country lifestyle. I really like the rural areas because of its austerity, natural beauty, and calmness.


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