May 7

Toddler Uses Toy Spiderman Fishing Rod And Ends Up Catching A Huge Rainbow Trout

A three-year-old named Zach took the town and social media by storm with his huge rainbow trout catch last May 2018 at the Jamaica Pond in Boston, Massachusetts. And the most interesting part of this experience is that he did so with a blue and red toy Spiderman rod! 

The Massachusetts Governor and the State, along with the Massachusetts Wildlife, collaborate to stock different regions with different types of trouts – rainbow, brook, brown, and tiger – for all people (regardless of age) to enjoy. This helps in endorsing the outdoor sport as well as fostering community and family bonds. And specifically that time, the Jamaica Pond was stocked with around 1,000 trouts. 

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And to celebrate Zach’s catch, the official Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game Twitter account tweeted a photo of him with a big smile standing next to his trout, which was almost bigger than he was! Well, Zach wasn’t the first little kid to reel a catch on a toy rod or a Spiderman rod at that (Spidey is definitely a kid favorite), but he definitely caught the biggest one… so far. 

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Outdoor trout fishing is definitely a nice activity for kids and the whole family. If you want to try it out, you can head over here to check the trout stocking report and see what’s in your nearest pond.


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