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April 20, 2020


April 20, 2020


April 20, 2020

On Easter, “Who Says God is Dead” singer and Country Queen Loretta Lynn shared a video on Facebook and Instagram her encouragement and sweet inspiring message to fans and fellow artists.

In the 2-minute video, Loretta Lynn quoted her favorite gospel song “The Third Man.” She briefly explained what faith means to her followed by a personal narration of what took place in the story of “The Third Man.”

Even though we can’t be all together as we’d like, the power of Easter is never diminished. I so appreciate all God has done for me. Love y’all — Happy Easter!

Loretta Lynn

Due to this present world pandemic, countries have been shut and people were forced to stay inside. While the government and health systems around the world are desperately seeking a cure, people from every nation were brought to their knees.

In the midst of this crisis, influential figures like Loretta Lynn took advantage of social media to extend hope and inspire those within her reach.

The Third Man’s Role

Loretta Lynn sat with her guitar as she spoke to the camera. She started by acknowledging the reality of God and her personal relationship with Christ. She added that her faith has been the one thing that has enabled her to go through all the hardships in life.

The story of her favorite gospel song “The Third Man” has been Loretta Lynn’s light. As she reminisced the song, she also would like the world to know who “The Third Man” was.

She said that she saw three crosses with three men crucified and writhing in agony. While two of the men cried out for mercy, the third man looks at her. His eyes were like telling her, “I am doing this for you.”

As she knelt before the third man’s cross, reaching for his feet, she felt his blood spilled on her. When she looked up, this third man was wearing a crown of thorns. Finally, he cried out to his father asking why he has forsaken him. The crowd jeered and mocked. Soon, he died.

When asked what it meant that Jesus died for her, Lynn said that it hurts. She said that there is no way we could repay Jesus for his sacrifice on the cross for mankind. In closing, she said that the only way we could show gratitude for what he has done for us is to show how much we love him.

Loretta Lynn Openly Talks About Her Faith

Known as the “Coal Miner’s Daughter” early in her stardom, Loretta Lynn was fairly acquainted with heartaches. One of those was the death of her father from a stroke. This broke her heart then as it was her first time to experience the loss of someone dear to her.

“But I wasn’t mad at God,” Lynn said. She soon accepted that losses are part of life. Despite having questions about pain, she said that those were things that we cannot solve and out of our control. She maintained that it was only her faith in God that she’s able to heal. This conviction led her to record and release gospel albums and hymns in the course of her singing career.

Back to our present dilemma, many of us are understandably having mixed feelings of fear and discouragements. Some of us might be mourning the loss of a loved one whom we didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to. Some of us might be even terrified at the thought that life in the coming days would go worst.

But as what Loretta Lynn shared in her Easter message, we can only cling to our Maker. She reminded us of the hope we have because of “The Third Man” who died for our sins. Life has become more difficult as each day passed, but we should not forget how sovereign our God is.

If it weren’t for God, none of us would be here.

Loretta Lynn


Loretta Lynn



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