November 8

Who Would Dare Say “God is Dead” to Loretta Lynn?

Back in the mid-1960, TIME magazine published an article with the provocative title, “Is God Dead?”  It became the buzzword in an era when people were exploring the countless possibilities of life. Raised a church girl and was then a star singer, Loretta used her platform to counter that mindset which sadly, had quickly crept into the society.

In the book “Honky Tonk Girl: My Life In Lyrics,” Loretta shared her thoughts on what inspired her to write the song, ‘Who Says God is Dead?’

“At the time I wrote this song, there was lots of talk about God being dead, I don’t know why, ’cause even if you were out of your mind, how could you say God is dead? It was in the late ’60s when it seemed the whole world was doing their thing. I thought, ‘How sick can one get? ‘Cause all I can say is the God I worship is very much alive.’ Who says God is dead? Not me!”

So in a two-minute song and without mincing words, she sang her crisp response. Even the glamorous gown and make up she was wearing could not soften the intensity of her conviction. Every line is filled with fervor particularly the following.

“Who says God is dead?
That’s stooping mighty low
I’d like to meet ’em face to face
And tell ’em it’s not so,”

Tell me, who says God is dead? Preach, er, I mean, sing it Miss Loretta Lynn!

Though the song was never released as a single, the title was chosen as Loretta’s second Gospel album’s name. The album was first released in 1968 and then reissued in 1973 and in 1998. Over the years, sales of the album got better.

‘Who says God is dead?’ is just one of Loretta’s songs. To her credit, she is not only a stellar singer; she also has the creative imagination of a songwriter. God bless Loretta Lynn!


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