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Charlie Rich Songs

Smooth Vocals: The Secret to Charlie Rich Songs That Topped Multiple Charts

Charlie Rich songs were famous for the distinct yet complicated music style that took the top seats of different song charts.

Charlie Rich Facts

10 Facts About Charlie Rich That You Might Want To Know 

Knowing the facts about Charlie Rich and his music career can hint at his life's ups and downs.

The Fieriest Feuds In Country Music That People Still Talk About

The Fieriest Feuds In Country Music That People Still Talk About

Some of the biggest names in country music definitely didn't hesitate to butt heads with each other. So, we've gathered the most infamous feuds in the genre.

Charlie Rich Death

Remembering The Death Of Charlie Rich, The Soulful, Silver-Haired Balladeer Of the 1970s

The death of Charlie Rich on July 25, 1995, came as a shocker. He died in his sleep in a motel in Hammond, Louisiana from an acute pulmonary embolism.

best country albums of all time

The Top 50 Best Country Albums Of All Time

We’ve round up 50 of the best country albums of all time – or in other words, a list of records that are worth investing your hard-earned money.

“The Most Beautiful Girl:” A Classic Hit by Charlie Rich

The Most Beautiful Girl was popularized by Charlie Rich. His rendition topped on three Billboard charts and has been used as a soundtrack on American films.

Steve Wariner’s Cover of Charlie Rich Song “Behind Closed Doors”

"Behind Closed Doors" is a classic country song by Charlie Rich. It was performed by Steve Wariner as a tribute during the CMA Forever Country Cover Series.

Charlie Rich and a Flashback to his Hit “A Very Special Love Songs”

Charlie Rich was one of the charmers during his time and he was able to release heart melting hits until he retired.

Charlie Rich and His Top-performing Song “The Most Beautiful Girl”

Charlie Rich released his single “The Most Beautiful Girl” in 1973. The song was from his award-winning album Behind Closed Doors.