April 16

Charlie Rich and a Flashback to his Hit “A Very Special Love Songs”

We all have a favorite song that melts our hearts especially one that is a love song. Anyhow, what is your most favorite song that makes your heart melt once you hear it? You may want to share that hit, but for now, let’s go ahead and listen to the hit of Charlie Rich called “A Very Special Love Song.”

Charlie Rich, A very special love song, grammys
Photo Credits: Charlie Rich/Official Facebook Home Page

Charlie Rich: The Charmer

He was born on December 14, 1932, in Colt, Arkansas. His parents were cotton farmers. In spite of this, he received a proper education. Charlie Rich played the saxophone in high school and he was a member of a band. Anyway, in 1953, he joined the air force and in 1956, he started building his professional music career. Plus, he wrote his own material for him to be known as well as a songwriter.

Charlie Rich, a very special love song, grammys
Photo Credits: Charlie Rich/Official Facebook Home Page

In 1958, Charlie Rich started his professional music career and he became distinct due to his electric style. Through time, he was called Silver Fox and his most notable hits include “Behind Closed Doors,” “The Most Beautiful Girl,” and “Country Politan.” Through the years, Rich received a lot of awards and recognition. He received three ACM’s, three AMA’s, five CMA’s, and two Grammy Awards.

The Song that Melts Your Heart

“A Very Special Love Song” was released in 1974. This hit was written by Billy Sherrill and Norro Wilson. It was recorded by the Country singer Charlie Rich. Moreover, upon its release, it dropped at number eleven at the Billboard Hot 100 and number one at the Country Charts. In addition, the hit also received a Grammy Award in the Best Country Song category in 1975. Due to the song’s success, Country singer Barbara Mandrell created her own version of the hit.

Go ahead reminisce this wonderful masterpiece.


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