December 19, 2023

Sweet Girl In Blue Sings Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”

Eight-year-old Marleigh Miller wowed everyone as she sang her version of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.” The event was held in Green Tree Farms in Holder, Florida, with veterans and their families in attendance.  

Marleigh, who was adorably clad in blue – from her bow to her dress and even her mic – opened the song with her very sweet voice. She looked a bit shy, but she was giving her absolute best. The more she sang, the more confident she got. Then, in the middle of the song, the audience linked their hands together in a circle. Then, they encouraged Marleigh to stand in the center. 

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The adorable, pint-sized girl hesitated for a bit, and that was when a grandpa who had a long mustache went to her rescue. He reached his hand out and gently took hers, guiding her to where she needed to be. Then, as she settled in place, she sang the words, “And I gladly stand up / Next to you and defend her still today.” To which everyone responded by lifting their hands in unison. 

Around the end of her performance, Marleigh was faced with multiple sound system mishaps. The mic cut out on and off, but the eight-year-old didn’t seem fazed at all. She kept her composure and didn’t miss a single beat. Marleigh finished her song with her head held high. 

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It was definitely impressive, especially for her age. 

If you want to witness that wonderful moment, you can watch her cover of “God Bless the USA” in the video below. 


Lee Greenwood, Marleigh Miller

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