February 14

An Inspiring Anthem About Gratitude of “God Bless The USA” by Lee Greenwood

Lee Greenwood would eventually write his signature song that’s heard in the most important events that would shape America, titled “God Bless The USA” The significance of this song would be to unify the American people and strengthen the morale of the American soldiers who are actively fighting for the country. 

The song “God Bless The USA” was played during the Gulf war in 1991. The track gained the hearts of many who listened. During the terrorist attacks of September 11, a truly dark day for America, the song was played nationwide as a reminder that rebuilding and hope would never waver no matter what happens. It would be heard in political rallies and covered by various artists. The song would remain a memorable piece to this day.

Meaning Behind The Song

Multiple songs by Lee Greenwood would peak at the top Billboard Hot Country Song chart and become memorable Lee Greenwood number one hits. However, “God Bless The USA” is special because it’s an unforgettable song about love and freedom. The song would have a grand and lively orchestrated instrumental in the background that would further intensify the message it is trying to portray to its listeners.

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The lyrics in the song would express its appreciation and admiration for the country called home. The idea is that the song is trying to speak about American pride. It symbolizes how important it is to bring hope amid all the chaos and never forget to learn to love the place built on the sacrifices of many.  

The song reminds people to be proud of where they were born. The immense love and admiration Lee Greenwood has for his country are evident in the lyrics as he expresses his gratitude for his country throughout the song.

See Lee Greenwood’s inspiring song about loving your country, “God Bless The USA,” below.


Lee Greenwood

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