December 19

Van Plating’s Latest MV ‘Bird On A Wire’ Features the Relaxing Sunset of Florida

Nothing spells Florida better than enticing afternoons lit with golden painted skies and it’s one of a kind sunset, and nothing depicts the view more than the Singer-songwriter Van Plating’s latest music video for her single ‘Bird on a Wire’. But this time, prepare to meet another side of Van, as she shifts slightly from a head-to-toe planned and scheduled buddy to one leaf who goes with the flow.

Didn’t Go as Planned

As she shares her experiences during the shoot of the video, Van Platings described how she always prepares an inspiration board and a storyline with everything under the sun mapped out and ready to go. But it seems like in this one, the ever-particular Van decides to just sit back and observe the unparalleled qualities of a Florida sunset instead of nitpicking the perfect details she wanted to observe in her latest MV.

Her decision to wing things out started way back in January when she, together with her songwriting-buddy, Bryan Elijah Smith wrote the song in January. The song focuses on the nature of love despite seasons of hardships never knowing that two months after, life will get harder for everyone as COVID-19 hits.

During the shoot for her MV, what Plating got is a tad different in the way she imagined things. It was early August when authorities let outdoor spaces be open for the public to recreate again, so she thought that there will be fewer to no people outside. But what she saw are families playing gold and some men drinking beer by their coolers. At that moment, she decided to ‘Let it go’ the same way she exercised the mantra that comes with her song.

A Beam of Hope

‘Bird on a Wire’ is one among the line-up of series Plating made after her self-titled album which she released in 2019 after an almost-decade break from music after her indie rock band decided to split off. Along the months in lockdown, she realized how quarantine took several opportunities from her, how it shattered dreams yet she was still thankful and feeling blessed that 2020 beat her down and bruised her emotionally. With it, she now stands tall, ever-thankful for the small circle of relationships surrounding her that supported her despite the odds. With the quarantine breaking her down, she was able to turn a new leaf and explore things she never did before in terms of her career.

But whether the shoot was perfect or not, not only did she, but the people surrounding her saw an unforgettable moment that signifies change and hope for the future.


Van Plating

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