September 9

Walker Hayes Revealed He Thought of Quitting Music For Good Amid “Fancy Like” Success

Before Walker Hayes turned into an internet sensation and a world-renowned singer-songwriter – thanks to the release of “Fancy Like” that has taken the world by storm on a viral level, it even earned a Grammy nomination – he has actually endured many difficulties. 

Haye’s road to success has been bumpy, to say the least. While he struggled to find his musical footing – with his record fizzling with no radio success – he had to work at Costco to make ends meet. Despite that, he did everything in his power to fulfill the musical career he knew he was destined for – and he succeeded. Hayes finally arrived at superstardom.

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“That song, ‘Fancy Like,’ it’s changed my life,” the country crooner said. However, despite what he had been through and the massive amount of success he has found now, Hayes admits that there were moments he thought of quitting the music business for good.

The “You Broke Up With Me” singer spoke candidly about it during a recent interview with the Today Show. “When ‘Fancy Like’ popped, about two months in, I said, ‘I quit.’ I said, ‘I’m done,'” he admits.

What Could Have Been The Reason?

While Walker Hayes has been riding a steady wave of success, the singer said he realized that it’s pulling him away from his family. There were even instances when he had to be away from his wife and six children for two months.

Most fans know that every ounce of Hayes’ life is spent with his family. His wife and children are involved in all aspects of his career.

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In order to keep Hayes from hanging up one’s boots, his management suggested purchasing another tour bus so the rest of the family – including his two dogs – could join him on the road. Now, Hayes is gearing up for his first-ever arena trek, dubbed the Glad You’re Here Tour. It will kick off on September 29 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. 

Guess we can expect the entire gang with him.


Walker Hayes

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