November 30

A Masterpiece in A Blur: Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Sweet Amarillo”

Six-member string band Old Crow Medicine Show recorded “Sweet Amarillo” as part of their Grammy Award-winning album Remedy in 2014. The group became part of the prestigious Grand Ole Opry on September 17, 2013.

The song written by Donna Terry Weiss was initially recorded by Brenda Patterson in her album Like Good Wine in 1974.

How Old Crow Medicine Show’s Version was Created

Old Crow Medicine Show‘s version of “Sweet Amarillo” came to life because Bob Dylan‘s manager sent them an email. 

Dylan’s manager congratulated the group through email on the success of Darius Rocker’s #1 spot with Wagon Wheel. It was only when Bob Dylan realized the email that he sent was a demo to the group about an unfinished song a few days later. He was writing it for the movie Patt Garett and Billy, the Kid when he started the music, and he said he would like it if the boys of Old Crow gave it a try.

Bob Dylan told the group to finish the song right away. The boys of Old Crow thought about crafting the piece altogether, and eventually, they came up with the result. The group added new verses but stuck with the chorus and slightly changed the melody. 

However, Dylan finally commented on who should play the right instrument. He said that Ketch Secor, the frontman of Old Crow Medicine Show, should play the fiddle instead of the harmonica. He also added that instead of the 16th bar, the song’s chorus should come in at the 8th bar.

A masterpiece spawned, all because of an email. “Sweet Amarillo” is one of Old Crow Medicine Show’s songs that will make you revel in the sound of the harmonica, drums, strings, and pure talent.

Check out the music video of Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Sweet Amarillo” here.


Old Crow Medicine Show

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