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5 Songs By Country Mothers for Mothers

Since Mother’s Day is fast approaching, it’s time to highlight and give thanks to the people who raised us to become the person that we are now.

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And these country mamas have dedicated songs for their children, all their struggles, and what it takes to be a mother. We salute our mothers and these country artists who balance their work and artistry, and their obligations to their families. So, here are 5 great songs to celebrate and to dedicate to all the mothers out there, by 5 amazing country artist mothers (and an honorable mention!)

Jamie O’Neal – Somebody’s Hero

With the early 2000s country vibe, Jamie O’Neal‘s song comes strong with a good earworm with meaningful lyrics. She highlights how a mother can become a hero to her children, to her daughter.

The music video shows touching visuals of how mothers are heroes to their children. And, O’Neal’s own daughter makes an appearance in the video as well.

In the conceptualization of the song, O’Neal wanted something family-centered, something that would resonate in the hearts of people.

“I had been saying to all my co-writers, ‘I really want to write about family. I really want to write about my little girl.’ The Thing for me was, when you have a baby you start thinking about your own relationship with your mother, and when you were little, how much you looked up to her. Then you move to, ‘Gosh, my baby looks up to me so much. I don’t want to let her down. I want to be a hero to her.’ Then you start thinking it’s not just your mother, but about the other generations of women. My grandmother-I was close to her before she passed away. I think this song is a real tribute to the women in my life.”

Martina McBride – Teenage Daughters

Martina McBride sings about what every mom is familiar with –  the struggle of not being able to connect with your teenage daughter.

There had always been struggles about having a teenager in your house. The hormones, the age of transitioning to an adult, all the while juggling the different responsibilities a mother has in her home, certainly butting heads won’t be something just happening once. But, as McBride says in the song, mothers would still love their children regardless.

McBride alludes to writing the song about her older daughter, Delaney in an interview with Country Weekly back in 2011.

 “I was just saying how one minute you are everything to them […] and the next minute it’s just a whole different thing.” After saying that, she decided that they should write about having a teenage daughter.”

Faith Hill – You Can’t Lose Me

Faith Hill’s 1996 release tugged at the heartstrings of mothers and daughters alike everywhere it touched. The song tells the story of the support a mother has with her children. She would always got their back no matter what.

Hill fully encapsulates what it means to support her children through thick and thin. Throughout the song, she sings about how she picks up her children, and how she would always be there when they needed her.

The chorus is a promise of a mother to her daughter. Surely when you hear it, it’s gonna invoke some tears there.

You can’t lose me

Bet your life

I am here, and I will always be

Just a wish away

Wherever you go

No matter how far 

My love is where you are

Carrie Underwood – Don’t Forget To Remember Me

Leaving your childhood home certainly is one of the hardest things to do, especially since you’re leaving a life you knew for so long in order to start a brand new one. Carrie Underwood fully expresses that in this song.

In the music video, facets of Underwood’s life of stardom fades into memories of when she first moved out of her house. While the music video progressed, she also sings while approaching a public telephone to call her mother and at the end of the music video she takes the stage and sings to an empty large auditorium.

Underwood’s mother appears in the video as herself.

Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance

 The touching Lee Ann Womack song sings about how a mother encourages her child to be themselves and not to lose their sense of innocence and wonder. It is a great song that reminds us that mothers just want the best for their children.

Womack had an interview with The Today Show about her song.

“You can’t hear those lyrics and not think about children and—and—and hope for the future and things you want for them. And those are the things I want for them in life. I want them to feel small when they stand beside the ocean. Sometimes I have fun and lighthearted things. But even “I Hope You Dance.” I was so shocked to see the way the kids got it. When—when I say kids, I mean, you know, like teen-agers. And we saw a big difference in our audience and—and the young kids that were coming out to the shows and really into “I Hope You Dance.”

In another interview with The Early Show, Womack expressed that the song reminded her of her daughters.

“I thought it was very special. It made me think about Aubrie and Anna Lisa [her daughters]. And I—I didn’t know—I can’t predict if something’s going to be a big hit or not. But it certainly hit home with a lot of people, connected with a lot of people and took me a lot of new places that I had not been able to go before and took my career to a new level.”

Honorary Mention: Garth Brook’s Mom

Okay, so Garth Brooks isn’t technically a mom, but he is a dad who appreciates his mom so much. He has already dedicated a few of his songs to his mother, and this is by far one of the sweetest ones that he did.

In the song, he talks about how God assures an unborn baby that someone on the other side will take good care of them once they get out. The song sings that there’s someone special waiting for you. God will always be there to make sure everything is alright, but now, they need to meet another angel –  their mom.

So, that’s our list! These are the songs that would make any mama laugh or cry or jive to. Make sure to give your mom a great old country greeting. Remind her that she’s loved. Remind her that she’s special. To everyone, Happy Mother’s Day!


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