January 11

Find Comfort and Peace in the Statler Brothers’ Cover of “Rock of Ages”

The Statler Brothers covered the popular hymn “Rock of Ages” for their 1992 album Gospel Favorites. “Rock of Ages” was written by Augustus Toplady in 1763. The song was inspired by Toplady’s own experience. One day he was traveling home when he was caught up in a storm. Toplady needed some place to stay until the storm passed by. He sheltered at the gorge of Burrington Combe. While in there, he found the inspiration to write the song “Rock of Ages.” Today, the place is marked with a plaque that says,

“Rock of Ages: This rock derives its name from the well-known hymn written about 1762 by the Rev A M Toplady who was inspired whilst sheltering in this cleft during a storm.”

The Song’s Content

“Rock of Ages” speaks about finding comfort in God’s hand. The narrator of the song seeks God and asks him to Save him from his sins. Furthermore, he mentions that when he dies he will see God, and that would be enough.

Rock of ages cleft for me

Let me hide myself in Thee

Let the water and the blood

 From Thy wounded side which flowed

Be of sin the double cure

Save from wrath and make me pure

It is wise to know that in times of trouble, we can find comfort in God. In addition, let us not forget that God can also wash away our sins and make us pure. Therefore, like the narrator of the song asked God for forgiveness, and hold on to Him, the Rock of Ages.

Black and White photo of the Statler Brothers
Photo Credit: Statler Brothers/ Facebook Page

The Statler Brothers’ Album

The Gospel Favorites was the Statler Brothers’ twenty-second studio album. Gospel Favorites comprised of twenty-two known gospel songs such as “Old Rugged Cross,” “Sweet By and By,” “Amazing Grace,” “Precious Memories,” “How Great Thou Art,” and many more.

Find peace and redemption in this “Rock of Ages” cover from the Statler Brothers.


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