July 6

Here’s a Serving of Reba McEntire’s Hilarious Moments

Being called a jack of all trades definitely has some ring on it. Imagine also having to buy a combo of your favorite meals in just a single serving like a McDonald’s’ burger with fries and drinks. Well, that definitely sounds like the ever-versatile country queen, Reba McEntire. Her name spells e-n-t-e-r-t-a-i-n-m-e-n-t.

Reba Mcentire adds an addition to her set of skills during the quarantine season to entertain fanatics while at home.

Over the years, she has been known to be the Queen of Country music, plus her successful endeavors as an actress in television shows. She reigns as one of the legendary artists for more than four decades, gathering a sum of awards from American Music, ACM, People’s Choice Awards, CMA, Grammy, etc.

But as she earned these, she didn’t stop from just being a singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer. Today, as you take your phone and scroll your social media accounts, you’d find footages of her saying or doing funny stuff to “entertain” people while it is not safe to gather and meet outside.

Seven of the most popular laugh out loud moments gathered by Countryfancast of Reba includes her jokes in late-night talk show guesting, her monologue during her nomination for Entertainer of the Year, her lost focus as Blake Shelton teased her, the ACM awards hosting, her role in Reba and Barbra Jean 9 to 5, her hilarious attempt to explain Mountain Oysters and the makeshift episode of Reba and Barbra show while social distancing.

The compilation of Reba McEntire’s hilarious moments could well be considered a little compensation for the canceled July 2020 Arena tour due to the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year. The concert was rescheduled for summer 2021, set to be held in Evansville and Grand Rapids. But as fans decide which concert to attend next year, those who would, unfortunately, need to cancel will get a refund on their tour tickets.

“We are going to postpone our concert tour this summer. Hate to do that but it is for everybody’s well being, we just wanna make sure that everybody’s safe and healthy, that the number one main thing. I’m gonna miss you all terribly.” Reba said in her twitter announcement.

Today, it is an inevitable fact that none of us isn’t affected by the pandemic outbreak. More to that, many jobs and lives were lost. Being a responsible artist and influencer, Reba and her team considered the consequences of holding a face to face concert. They were also considerate of the people who’ve invested their hard-earned money to buy tickets.

During these trying times, Reba McEntire exemplified care for people especially those who are experiencing lack and those who are feeling blue. Losing a huge concert might be a downer, but being the natural entertainer that she is, she gently shook up people about social responsibility, but immediately brought them up at their feet again with a promise about upcoming old concerts and shows that can be streamed online.


Reba McEntire

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