January 28, 2019

Randy Travis Covers The Classic “It’s Just a Matter of Time”

Randy Travis gave us a deep and meaningful song for us to ponder on. “It’s Just a Matter of Time” reminds us that love is far more important than money and fame. We can find happiness in this tangible things, but the happiness we’ll have is only temporary. In life, love is one of the greatest things, and it is a pure joy to have experienced it. Therefore, if you are given the chance to choose between money and love, always choose love.

All About the Song

The narrator of the song warns his ex-lover that someday she will regret leaving him for money and fame. She thinks it’s far more important to become famous than to be with someone who cares for her. She mocks and laughs at what the narrator told her.

You laughed and you called me a clown

Remember in your search for fortune and fame

What goes up must come down

Randy Travis’ Recording

“It’s Just a Matter of Time” was released as a single in 1989 from Travis’ album No Holdin’ Back. Randy earned another number one song on the chart with “It’s Just a Matter of Time.” In addition, he was nominated for Best Male Country Vocal Performance in the 1989 Grammy Awards.

randy travis
Photo Credit: Randy Travis/ Official Facebook Page

The Original Version

This top-performing song of Travis was not originally his song. The first recording was in 1958 by Brook Benton. “It’s Just a Matter of Time” came to life when songwriters Benton, Belford Hendricks, and Clyde Otis were out of ideas. When Benton was disappointed that they can’t write any song, Otis said to Benton,

“It’s just a matter of time, Brook”

There, the three came up with an idea. The song was first proposed to Nat King Cole, but eventually, they asked Cole not to record the song. Instead, Otis, who became a manager, told Benton to record the song first. The result was a massive success for him.


Different Covers

After Benton’s success, his song was recorded by other artists such as Sonny James, Glen Campbell, and many more. The country versions of “It’s Just a Matter of Time” all became a hit version.

Check out this version of Randy Travis.



Randy Travis

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