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December 22, 2020


December 22, 2020


December 22, 2020

The legendary lead singer of Alabama, Randy Owen will co-chair the 2022 World Games that will be held in his home state. Owen is honored to join his fellow Alabamians Charles Barkley, Dr. Henry Panion, and those names that are still to be announced soon whom he will be working with to bring the games to Alabama.

For Owen, he is thrilled that the 2022 World Games will be held in Alabama. Reflecting on the support he had garnered from his home state throughout his career. He is excited to show the world what the Alabama people can do and what it feels like to live in Alabama.
Alabama will always be the place that Owen will call home. As diverse as their landscapes, the diversity seen in the people who live in Alabama is what Owen dreams of to be seen in the upcoming World Games.

The 2022 Birmingham World Games is something to look forward to, as every World Game does give the same excitement as the Olympics. Elite athletes from all across 100 countries will compete for 34 unique multi-disciplinary sports.

Marking the 40th anniversary of the world games, the 2022 Birmingham World Games will be featuring 3,600 athletes who will be competing around 25 unique venues across the metropolitan area. It is also estimated to generate $256 million in economic impact. The World Games was established by the International World Games Association that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

Randy Owen Laid Back Lifestyle

Randy Yuell Owen was known for winning both the ACM and CMA Entertainer of the year for three straight years in a row. Owen was known for giving the fans what their money deserve, giving his best in every show that he does.

When he is on his job, Owen is known for the smooth and steady strums he makes in his rhythm guitar while he sings most of the solo vocals. He also has written countless songs in the whole 28-year career he had as he stayed with Alabama. During his off days, Randy Owen loves staying with his immediate family and makes sure he is away from the phone.

Before hitting his peak as an artist, Randy Owen took jobs laying brick, painting, and hanging sheetrock. All that Owen longed for was to help his family learn the gentle way of living and to have a reputation of reaching out to his fans and maintain a good relationship with his fellow musicians.


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