August 7

WATCH: Pentatonix’s Superb Cover of “Mary, Did You Know?”

The American a cappella group of five vocalists took the internet by storm with their haunting rendition of “Mary, Did You Know?”

Pentatonix‘s chilling performance begins with a powerful note by Scott Hoying and Avi Kaplan, followed by Kirstie Maldonado and Mitch Grassi delivering an incredible second verse. Kevin Olusola burst in with the third verse and huge vocals coming from all five of them. 

Their rendition is truly an outstanding example of exactly why this five-person a cappella group has achieved so much success, fanbase, and acclaim ever since they first found a national spotlight by winning NBC’s The Sing-Off in 2011.

Story of Behind The Song

Then-member of Gaither Vocal Band, Mark Lowry, wrote “Mary, Did You Know?” in 1984, following his pastor’s request to compose a Christmas musical for their church. 

However, as he began writing the speaking parts, he found himself thinking about Mary and the fascinating concept of God coming to earth. He then started writing a list of questions he’d want to ask Mary if only he had the chance to meet her.

Lowry carried with him the lyrics for the next seven years. In 1991, he finally asked his friend and bandmate, Buddy Greene, to write fitting music for his poem – and right then and there, a classic piece was born.

Ever since it was recorded by Christian recording artist Michael English, the song has since become a Christmas favorite, recorded by hundreds of artists across different genres. It started becoming a country favorite when country and bluegrass singer Kathy Mattea released her version in 1993. Other notable recordings of the song include a duet version by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd in 1997.

The powerful hymn appeared on Pentatonix’s 2014 Christmas album, That’s Christmas to Me, and it debuted and peaked at No. 26 on Billboard Hot 100.

You can revel in Pentatonix’s version of “Mary, Did You Know?” in the video below.



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