February 9

Country Singer Neal McCoy’s ‘Old Glory’ Tour Bus Catches Fire

LONGVIEW, Texas — A very close call for East Texas country music artist Neal Mccoy and his team when his tour bus catches fire early on Saturday morning, with him and his crew in it.

Neal Mccoy, from Longview, was on his Louisiana tour bus named’ Old Glory’ when the bus suddenly hit flames.

An early morning wake for Mccoy and his sleepy-eyed staff on a Louisiana highway just before seven this morning.

“We awoke to a pretty loud noise on the bus. My room is in the back, heard a noise kind of startled me,”said Mccoy.

Mccoy says the driver stopped his bus, got out and saw sparks under the vehicle.

“He came back on the bus he said guys I think we have a fire. No rush, no rush. He grabbed a fire extinguisher went back there, came back he said cancel that. Rush, rush. Everybody just grabbed what we could grab,” says Neal.

“Just engulfed the bus really quick. It’s pretty scary. It’s non-fixable. It’s pretty devastating standing there watching it because that has been our home because we’re on that bus half the time of the year,” says Mccoy.

They were going to play at Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria, Louisiana, and they still hope to perform but losing Old Glory was losing memories.

“I started my pledge of allegiance over 4 years ago live every morning and a lot of times I’m on that bus or standing right in front of it. Oh my gosh I can’t believe its gone,” says Mccoy.

The country music artist is only grateful that everyone got out of it uninjured.

“Thank you for all the well-wishers, we’re okay,” Neal said.

It is not clear what caused the fire.

In front of the burned-out shell of ‘Old Glory,’ Mccoy conducted his routine’ pledge of allegiance.’


Neal McCoy

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