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Hiding True Sorrows in Carrie Underwood’s song “Cry Pretty”

The song “Cry Pretty” was released in 2018 as part of Country singer Carrie Underwood’s album, also titled Cry Pretty. The song hit the different charts peaking at no. 5 on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard) and no. 7 on the UK Cross Rhythms Weekly Chart.

Besides that, the song was also able to take part in a top song list of the two leading music publications in the industry. It was able to land at no. 1 for Billboard’ The 20 Best Country Songs of 2018’ and no. 11 on Rolling stone ’25 Best Country Songs of 2018’ lists.

Being one of Carrie Underwood’s greatest songs, she was able to perform the song on big stages like the 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards and the CMA Music Fest.

Meaning Behind the Song 

As humans, we are subjected to feeling emotions. We can cry, laugh, be happy, and be sad. It is how we are programmed, and these emotions are inevitable to avoid. And sometimes, as the feelings start to fill up, some try to cover the sad emotions with a smile. But for some, these emotions start flooding out in their tears. 

Having stated that, this song addresses these said sad emotions. After all, what feelings should Carrie Underwood be experiencing after suffering through three miscarriages and a bad accident? 

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The intense sting of anguish she must have experienced was vividly represented by her performance of “Cry Pretty” in the released music video. Crying endlessly until there are no more tears to shed is a natural part of being human.

This song brings back painful memories and depressing feelings for Carrie Underwood, which makes it especially dear to her. This song is undoubtedly appropriate for many people since we have all experienced sadness at some point.

So if you want to check out Carrie Underwood’s music video for her song “Cry Pretty,” you can check it out below. 


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