September 16

10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Martie Maguire

Martie Maguire is one of the founding members of the ‘alternative country’ band The Chicks (formerly called The Dixie Chicks). She is also acclaimed for setting up a Bluegrass band with her younger sister, Emily Robison Strayer. Martie started taking violin lessons as early as just five years old. Continue reading and you’ll be astonished by these other Martie Maguire Facts!

1. Martie’s Musical Legacy

The Chicks songs are what made Martie Maguire most famous. She has had several bands, although not just that one, throughout the years. Court Yard Hounds was founded in 2009 by Martie and her sister Emily Strayer, also a member of The Chicks. Two studio albums were issued by the pair.

2. She Isn’t a Big Social Media User

Social media didn’t exist when Martie initially began her profession. Martie isn’t very active on social media, despite having accounts there. She has only made 63 Instagram posts in the previous 7 years. Even if she uses Twitter a little more frequently, she still doesn’t use it much.

3. A Strong Follower Of The Black Lives Matter Movement

Over the past few months, racial hostility in the United States has intensified. Some people have decided to keep silent in the battle against injustice, but others have decided to speak up. Martie is one of many who has promoted awareness using her platform. She has even joined in on neighborhood marches to express her support.

4. Mom-a-licious

Martie has three kids and has been married twice. She has acknowledged that she utilized IVF to conceive her children and has been candid about her battles with infertility.

5. A Woman Who Love Playing Instruments

Martie has a rare aptitude, but learning to play an instrument is not an easy task. Martie is well renowned for her ability to play the violin, but she is also proficient in playing several instruments. Martie is a skilled player of the guitar, violin, mandolin, and viola.

6. Veggies Are What She Eats

Martie’s priority is looking after her physique. She does this, among other things, by avoiding meat in her diet.

7. Dermatology was her chosen field of work.

Martie has always been adamant about being an artist. She began singing at a very young age and became immediately enamored.

8. Interacting with her fans is something she appreciates

A devoted following is essential for a career as long as The Chicks’. After all, without fans, no actor or musician could ever have a successful career.

9. Laid back and ready for anything

Everyone has heard tales about how busy the music business can be. But if Martie has learned anything over the years, it’s the value of being composed.

10. She’s not a Fan of the Dixie Chicks Name

The band’s previous name for over 31 years was The Dixie Chicks. However, they have decided to alter the name to distance themselves from the confederacy’s past.

Martie Maguire is an undisputed icon in the world of country music. We hope you found these facts about the country musician to be intriguing. Tune in for more.


Martie Maguire, The Chicks

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