July 26

Mark Lowry Joins an Airline Pilot in an Impromptu Performance of “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”

Mark Lowry is a popular Christian music singer. It is a delight to see the singer do an impromptu performance of “Just a Closer Walk with Thee.” The song is a timeless classic and has been performed by country legends such as Willie Nelson, George Jones, Alabama, and Tennessee Ernie Ford.

This time, Mark was unexpectedly asked by an Airline Pilot to sing with him the iconic hymn. Watch as these two sing a beautiful impromptu performance.

mark lowry, walk with thee
via Mark Lowry’s official Facebook page

Mark Lowry Sings with the Pilot

It all started while Mark Lowry was on his way to the airport. He was then approached by David Bennett, the Airline Pilot, saying that he recognizes him. David then asked him if Lowry could listen to him play the piano for the iconic song. For those of you might wonder what a piano is doing in an airline, well this is a common thing for public places.

Putting a piano in public places will serve as free entertainment for waiting passengers. So there you have the Pilot playing the piano. Mark can’t help himself so he had to sing the part. David then joined him as they both belt out the classic hymn.

mark lowry, walk with thee
via Screengrab from YouTube

“Just a Closer Walk With Thee”

The song’s origin is a little bit clouded until recently. Historians claimed that it came from African-American slaves who were singing the song as they worked in the field. The message of the song is about knowing that the Lord is by our side no matter where we are going.

A lot of people are still debating on the origin of the song but one thing is clear, the message behind it is important. The hymn became a standard in Jazz and then moving into the realm of American folk. Now, it is one of the most iconic gospel songs sung by many artists from all genres.

Watch as Mark Lowry and an Airline Pilot belt out the song here:

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Mark Lowry

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