April 16

Luke Bryan’s “Rain Is A Good Thing” Teaches Fans To Always Look At The Bright Side

If you hate the rainy weather, it’s a good idea to start listening to Luke Bryan’s “Rain Is A Good Thing” during the wet season. The country music icon knows the good stuff when he is looking for inspiration. And not only that, he often makes sure fans get to learn something from his hits.

Rain Is A Good Thing Chronicle

As a tribute to his childhood life, Luke Bryan‘s “Rain Is A Good Thing” reminisced the days when he was a son of a peanut farmer. Co-written by the country artist with Dallas Davidson, the song was the second single from Luke’s 2009 Doin’ My Thing album. 

“Rain Is A Good Thing” is like other Luke Bryan’s songs that look back to where he came from. The up-tempo tune is perfect for the happy vibe lyrics, which has a narrator explaining how rain can affect your life. Well, depending on how you view it, but for a farmer, rain is a good thing. Luke even shared the phrase they always say before on the lyrics: “rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey.”

The country star grew up specifically in Georgia, where his family worked in agriculture. As you know, farmers rely on rain to help their crops grow. Luke can even remember when they are always looking up at the sky to check for rain. If rain starts pouring, it will be a good day or week for the Bryan family.

Marking The First Time

Luke Bryan songs most often than not, do well on the charts. However, before “Rain Is A Good Thing,” Luke doesn’t have any track that peaked to number one. That changed when the single reached the top spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, which marked the country artist’s first time.

Roughstock’s Matt Bjorke said that the hit track is full of charm and spins the old lyric to a much more pliable tune. It ended the 2010 year-end charts on the number 2 spot in the US Country Songs.

If you need some upbeat music today, listen to Luke Bryan’s “Rain Is A Good Thing” below.


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