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November 6, 2020


November 6, 2020


November 6, 2020

Jumping back two years ago must’ve already felt like forever with us living our casual lives and not expecting anything to turn upside down in a single instant. But the fact that we’re still doing fine despite the odds is already enough for us to be thankful. Sugarcoating aside, we all hope that things could’ve been just like Sarah Buxton’s song, ‘Little Bit Better.’

Lend a Helping Hand

‘Little Bit Better’ is a song about how life could get tough and how a little intimacy becomes a significant game-changer for some people. But the scope of Buxton’s song isn’t just about an intimate person-to-person interaction. It also includes the society and the world we live in.

In ‘Little Bit Better,’ the ‘help’ isn’t about spoon-feeding them, but about being patient. It’s about letting them do the work to achieve the goal they wanted by simply assisting them through morale.

The single was composed in 2019 by Buxton herself together with her co-writers Tofer Brown and Abe Stoklasa. ‘Little Bit Better’ earned a place to become a part of her six-track EP ‘Signs of Life’.

A Creator and a Mother

Sarah Buxton considering herself a creator. She likes being part of other artist’s albums ever since she arrived in Nashville just before the year 2000. One of the most astonishing works she has done is her collaboration with Keith Urban when he covered her composition ‘Stupid Boy’ which earned him a Grammy. But the moment Buxton had children, she matured greatly and had a few tweaks from being a full-time song-creator to one who advocates change towards an ideal world we’ve all dreamed of.

The pandemic became one of the outlets for Buxton. ‘Little Bit Better’ and the creation of her recent six-part EP ‘Signs of Life’ is a great platform to start. Starting with herself, she shared how 2020 created a better version of herself.

Second, Buxton wanted to let her kids experience creative spaces in their childhood. This made her change her parenting style; from being conservative to a much outgoing yet cautious mother.

Third, as a person part of a community, she realized how justice and equity is needed as displayed by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

Lastly, she hopes that one day, things will get a ‘Little Bit Better’ when the world is finally free of pollution. These all start through our desires to do it.


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