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Travis Tritt Sings of a Failed Relationship in “Foolish Pride”

Travis Tritt Sings of a Failed Relationship in "Foolish Pride" 1
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Released on March 29, 1994, “Foolish Pride” was penned and recorded by American country music artist Travis Tritt. This four-minute song is the lead single from his fourth studio album, Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof. Record producer Gregg Brown produced it for Warner Bros. Overall, this song became Tritt’s fourth Number One hit of his entire music career.

Moreover, “Foolish Pride” gained favorable reception from both country and pop music fans. Just after its release, it immediately entered the charts. In fact, the song clinched the no. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Meanwhile, it charted at no. 12 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles. In Canada, the song also peaked at no. 1 on RPM Country Tracks while no. 35 on the Adult Contemporary.

To note, “Foolish Pride” was Tritt’s last number one song in the ’90s until he reclaimed the top spot again in 2000 with another hit, “Best of Intentions.”

“Foolish Pride:” A Ballad of a Failed Relationship

The song simply resonates a feeling of longing, melancholy, and sadness. It is a ballad that speaks of a failed relationship between a man and a woman. To one’s dismay, neither the man nor the woman is willing to show his/her true feeling to the other out of pride. Their pride is described as “foolish” as it reserves them from showing what they truly feel for the other, hence, the title, “Foolish Pride.”

Here’s the first part of the song:

She stayed up all night and cried into her pillow
And fought off the urge to just break down and call
Last night to find the fault seemed so darn easy
But now who’s to blame don’t matter much at all
She thinks if she calls him, it just shows weakness
So the hurt goes on with every tear she’s cried
Ain’t it sad to see a good love fall to pieces
Chalk another heartbreak up to foolish pride

Turn out the lights, the competition’s over
The stubborn souls are the losers here tonight
And while the bridges burn
Another hard hard lesson’s learned
As in the ashes passion slowly dies
And this romance goes down to foolish pride

Song Review and Reception

Travis Tritt Sings of a Failed Relationship in "Foolish Pride" 2
Travis Tritt sings “Foolish Pride.” |Photo Credits:

So far, fans have well-received the sad, melodic tune placing the song at no. 1 on the charts. Music critics, on the other hand, have something to say. Brian Mansfield of Allmusic reviewed Tritt’s album, Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof. He cited “Foolish Pride as a great and standout track on the album. He stated:

“[The song] rival[s] ‘Anymore’ for power and Skynyrd and Bob Seger for production values.”

On the other hand, Jim Bessman, a Rolling Stone critic favorably gave a description to the song saying:

“[It is] a power ballad that shows that Tritt can be as tender and compassionate as [Randy] Travis.”

Meanwhile, Billboard magazine correspondent Deborah Evans Price similarly praised Tritt for releasing another tasty music. She cited:

“Tritt delivers a big message about the little fights that turn into huge irreconcilable differences. [‘Follish Pride’] is another solid song, and a welcome sentiment at a time when everybody seems to be reaching for the gun.”

WATCH Travis Tritt performs “Foolish Pride” at the Grand Ole Opry:

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