June 28

WATCH: Rare Footage of Johnny Cash Impersonating Elvis Presley

They say that impersonation is the highest form of flattery. Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley were very successful in their own fields and a lot of theories surrounding the friendship of these two.

johnny cash, elvis
via Screengrab from YouTube

However, there’s one thing we can take from this short clip was the fun side of Johnny Cash. Oftentimes, the media sensationalizes the idea of a big Hollywood star being funny. It is mostly because some of them are rarely seen goofing around and they are mostly seen as serious all the time. So yeah, when people, like Johnny Cash, does things like this it will surely be adored by everyone.

Johnny Cash Casually Goofing Around

While I was scrolling through YouTube, I found this gem. I am sorry if the clip is a bit unwatchable, but the content is just pure gold. Watching Johnny Cash impersonating Elvis is probably one of the best accidental clicks that I’ve watched.

johnny cash, elvis
via Screengrab from YouTube

In the video, you’ll see Johnny’s improvisation skills and deep knowledge of how Elvis performs. He got the whole hair and dancing gimmick of the king and even the nuances that we only see from Elvis. He was able to make the audience laugh and he did the impersonation with justice. The people knew that he did it out of respect and not to make fun of ‘The King.’

Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley’s Friendship

johnny cash, elvis presley
Photo Credits: Elvis Presley/ Official Facebook Home Page

A lot of theories have swirled about the friendship of these two in the media. Many have tried to give them the narrative of being rivals. However, all talks about this were squashed when Johnny Cash himself said this on his 2nd autobiography:

“Elvis was such a nice guy, and so talented and charismatic – he had it all – that some people just couldn’t handle it and reacted with jealousy. It’s just human, I suppose, but it’s sad. He and I liked each other, but we were’t that tight-I was older than he was, for one thing, and married, for another-and we weren’t close at all in his later years. I took the hint when he closed his world around him; I didn’t try to invade his privacy.”

There you have it, folks. The two legends have huge respect with each other and we, as the viewers, are so lucky to enjoy their music.

Watch the hilarious performance here:


Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash

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