Congratulations, John Prine! Today marks the 2019 Americana Music Awards. This event is where the Americana music community gather in Nashville to celebrate “distinguished members” of the Americana Music Association’s member to win trophies and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

John Prine, Summer's End, 2019 Americana Music Awards


The 2019 Americana Honors & Awards ceremony was held in Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium. The ceremony happened during the Americana Music Festival. In addition, The Milk Carton Kids hosted the American Music Awards for the second time. It was Jim Lauderdale who hosted every single Americana Music Association awards ceremony until the duo took over the job. Now, let us talk about the song “Summer’s End” by John Prine, that won the 2019 AMA Song of the Year.

John Prine’s Song “Summer’s End”

John Prine a well known American country-folk singer and songwriter. He was an active composer, recording artist, and performer back in the ’70s.  He became popular with his humorous style of recording country songs that has elements of protest and social commentary. In addition, he is also known for songs about love and life.

John Prine, Summer's End, 2019 Americana Music Awards


Today, Prine won the 2019 Americana Music Award for Song the Year. The songs he defeated were: “By Degrees,” “Mockingbird,” and “People Get Old.” With this, Prine proved that age is just a number and what counts is the one’s talent. He is indeed a great singer and performer since he started his career.

The Song’s Theme

John Prine’s song “Summer’s End” is inspired by the happy memories happened in someone’s life. Summer is when people relax and enjoy most of their time, but for Prine, good things come into an end.

“Summer’s end came faster than we wanted.”

Sometimes, when we enjoy what we are doing, time flies so fast. We do not notice how time just passes. Do you agree?

Watch John Pride’s “Summer’s End” Below: