The End of Summer

“Summer’s End” is the first single of John Prine’s latest album “The Tree of Forgiveness.” Right off the bat, the song feels very wistful. It would engulf you with reveries you never knew you had for something you’re running away from. The song is deeply moving with its simplistic lyrics and straightforward narratives. Yet, it effectively delivers the story of the singer urging someone to ‘come home’ and that ‘they are not alone.

The end of the music video is credited to someone named “Max.” Who, Prine revealed to be the son of Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, have died due to a combination of drugs. The music video itself sends a poignant message of personal choices and what it means to be a family. Coupled with “Summer’s End,” the combination makes a hauntingly tender tapestry.

You can watch the official video right here!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nomination

Prine has had copious amounts of success being a singer and a songwriter. He has achieved multiple awards. He has been honored by the likes of the Kennedy Center, The Library of Congress, and the Grammy Hall of Fame. It’s safe to say that Prine has been one of the pinnacles of folk and Americana for decades.

And, he has been nominated to be inducted in 2019’s Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Fans would get the chance to vote for their artists. If you enjoyed his song “Summer’s End”, you can vote for him here!