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Death is an event in our life that we will all face sooner or later. No one is exempted from death. However, death is different from the person dying from the person left behind, or let’s say the persons watching their loved one die. The pain of watching someone you love is never easy because you know that you will never see them again. After their death, there are the memories that’ll haunt you every day and you don’t know what to do with all of the things that you feel. Grief takes time, and it’s never easy.

“See You There” Story

At a young age, Joey Feek saw her teenage brother die from an accident in 1994. Losing someone at a very a young age is not easy, because death is difficult to understand. It must have been painful for Joey to watch her brother die. However, despite years gone by, she has never forgotten her brother. She wrote the song “See You There” inspired by that event in her life. The song was written by Joey and her husband Rory Feek in 2005. It was recorded by Joey Feek for her album Strong Enough to Cry. However, the album wasn’t released by her recording company.

If Not for You Album

A year after Joey Feek’s death her album was released under the title If Not for You. Farmhouse Records released Joey Feeks album, which was released last year. Her album was a collection of who Joey was and who Joey wanted to become, according to her husband Rory.

About the Song

Her song “See You There” is a tragic song about losing her  17-year-old brother from a car accident. She painted the picture to us of what happened to her brother and what she remembered as a young girl when she saw her brother dying.

“There were lines and tubes and doctors everywhere
Daddy stayed up all night long, right beside you in the chair
He could hardly bare, to see you there”

It is never easy to lose someone, and grief is never easy to overcome. Sometimes it may take years or even a lifetime to overcome the tragic pain of losing someone.

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