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Joey Feek Facts, With Love

American vocalist Joey Feek, one half of the husband and wife musical duo Joey + Rory, specializes in bluegrass and country music. Although Rory provided backing vocals and played the guitar, she was the main vocalist for the band.

Through the years, Joey + Rory Songs have acquired multiple awards. Here are 5 Facts about the country singer, Joey Feek.

1. Music surrounded her

She inherited her mother’s talent for gospel singing and was born to music-loving parents. Her father was playing the guitar next to her when she had her first performance at the age of six in a talent competition for the first grade, and he encouraged her to play. She was raised in a small, rural town, enjoys traditional country music, and as a young girl, she idolized Dolly Parton.

2. She wanted to be a vet assistant

She moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1998 in pursuit of work as a veterinarian assistant for horses. She made acquaintances with Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn and Wilbur Rimes, the father of LeAnn Rimes, during this period.

3. She sang back vocals

She sang backup vocals on the 2004 Blaine Larsen album “Off to Join the World,” which her husband also co-produced. With Sony Nashville’s restructuring and new management, Joey’s unreleased solo album has been delayed from being released on a major label. Joey recorded the album in 2005 while under contract with Sony Nashville.

4. She has a movie

This movie is about the amazing Joey Feek and her unique life. In this video, which was recorded when she was battling cancer, Joey and her family and friends show that leading a healthy life is not just for people who are physically well. Along with this extraordinary woman’s trip and her family’s heartbreaking farewells as she chooses to follow the Lord home, she spends some time grinning, laughing, and sobbing.

5. Last words

Joey Feek intended to spend some of her last moments inspiring her devoted husband, Rory Feek, before her courageous struggle with illness that cruelly claimed her life on March 4. Here are her moving closing remarks.

Joey was optimistic in her final months of life and told her husband, Rory Feek, something that would undoubtedly stay with him for the rest of his life. He gave people a glimpse of Joey’s final melancholic words. “‘I have no regrets… I can honestly say that I have done everything I wanted to do and lived the life I always wanted to live.”

When Joey Feek went suddenly on March 4 at the age of 40, the country music community lost a wonderful soul much too soon. More than being an artist, she also became known as a kind-hearted person, a loving mother and wife, and a brave soul.


Joey + Rory, Joey Feek

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