September 24

Jean Shepard’s Top 5 Hit, “Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar)”

You’ll never go wrong tuning into songs that have been made many decades ago. No matter how long they’ve existed and the fact that music has dramatically evolved through the years, oldies music is simply classic. Hence, they’re called timeless. You can listen to them any time of the day and of the year and you still find them with resonance. That’s what the song “Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar)” is exactly like. This tune, which rose to popularity in the 1960s, is just one of the many classic country songs that many people love to hear even up to this date. Lyrics-wise, this song exhibits an amusing feel. On top of that, there’s the exceptional yodeling skill of its artist, Jean Shepard.

About the Song

“Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar)” was penned by songwriters Betty Amos and Guy Willis. The American country music artist Jean Shepard originally recorded it. Shepard’s recording was first released in April 1964. It was re-released two years later on her album, Heart, We Did All We Could. The song gave Shepard a Top 5 hit after it peaked at No. 5 on the country music chart.

“Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar)” is basically a song about the narrator airing her sentiment toward her husband and his guitar. In the beginning, the couple had a happy life together until the husband bought an old guitar. Their lives changed since then. You’ll easily find the wife being jealous of the musical instrument from the very beginning of the song. She even likened herself to a fiddle to make it more comparable with the guitar. Hence the title of the song.

But, the song isn’t all about jealousy. If you take a closer look at it, you’ll be able to spot its underlying humor. Once you do, you’ll certainly commend the writers’ creativity and pure intent to entertain the listeners musically and beyond. You can go over the song’s lyrics here and try to figure out what I’m trying to point out. If still, you can’t figure it out, just listen to the song below and you’ll find it worthy of a good laugh, too.

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Betty Amos, Guy Willis, Jean Shepard, Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar)

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