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Jean Shepard

Latest Stories

Jean Shepard + Second Fiddle (to an Old Guitar)

Jean Shepard in Hilarious and Heartbreaking Hit “Second Fiddle (To An Old Guitar)”

Country legend Jean Shepard sings of love lost in the hit song “Second Fiddle (To An Old Guitar).”

Jean Shepard + A Dear John Letter

Breaking Up In The Time Of War With Jean Shepard’s “A Dear John Letter” 

Country singer Jean Shepard sings of a love that has died away with her 1953 hit song “A Dear John Letter.” Here’s the whole story behind it. 

Jean Shepard + Then He Touched

Jean Shepard Goes Sensual With “Then He Touched Me”

One of the highlights of Jean Shepard’s acclaimed country music career was her 1970 song “Then He Touched Me” from her album “A Woman’s Hand.”

Jean Shepard Songs

10 Jean Shepard Hit Songs For A Love-Heavy Rotation

If you’re looking for country songs to add to your playlist about love, and you’re in a good honky tonk, then Jean Shepard is your go-to artist. 

Jean Shepard Facts

Here Are Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Jean Shepard

Get to know more about country singer Jean Shepard, one of the feistiest advocates of traditional country music, through these facts.