October 21

Jason Aldean is Back on Top with His 24th Number 1 Hit

The country music star’s last number one hit was with his 2019 hit “Review Town” which topped August last year. This year, Jason Aldean is not just celebrating his 24th top hit but also celebrates a double top spot both on the Billboard Country Airplay and Mediabase chart this week.

Got What I Got

“Got What I Got” was featured on Jason Aldean’s 2019 album “9.” The single was penned by Thomas Archer, Alex Palme, and Michael Tyler.  Aldean was known for his unique sound which stretched the boundaries of country music to other genres. He was glad to be allowed to add such style to his music.

“Got What I Got” took on the retro feel and was completed with the sound of a vinyl needle popping at the very beginning of the track. Aldean’s inspiration was none other than his wife, Brittany. Aldean said that “Got What I Got” is his wife’s favorite song from his most recent album “9.”

Aldean’s wife was right about the song as Aldean’s “Got What I Got” topped the charts. It’s a cool anthem for girls but not without the sweet words and tune. Starting with a conversation between two lovers, Aldean’s “Got What I Got” revolves around a man’s contentment once he finds his woman causing him to not look back to what he had before. The cheesy lines would definitely tickle one’s spine.

There was no doubt that Aldean was speaking from his heart with “Got What I Got.” People were attacking Jason Aldean and Brittany’s relationship during their first year together. Yet as time flew, their relationship has gotten better and they managed to put aside the comments of the public and just decide to focus on loving each other. Now, the couple has two offsprings, Memphis and Navy Rome.

There has much that has been going through in the world today, but you should not miss on Aldean’s latest number one hit. It might be the cheesiest song you’ll ever hear but it would make you appreciate the simplicity of loving a significant other.


Jason Aldean

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