December 15

How Carrie Underwood Handled Her Gift Purchase Dilemma

Carrie Underwood has become an automatic Christmas figure this holiday season with the release of her “My Gift” Christmas album along with her TV Special. But a holiday pro she might seem, there’s one thing about Christmas that she’s admittedly inferior to, gift-giving.

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Not Her Strong Suit

A seasoned performer and a cool mom, she’s the total package for most of her admirers down there. But her 2020 ACM awards, Entertainer of the Year recognition, and her American Idol alum do not make her the best gift-giver out there. With that thought tugging her name, it does not mean that she does not know how to pick out perfect gifts for her family and loved ones. Underwood leans more on to the value and long-term usability of her gifts rather than a quick burst of happiness through things most people will forget after a few weeks or so.

‘I am not a good gift-giver,’ the country superstar expressed. She feels overwhelmed on what to get for people on her bucket list, and what’s stressing her more is the fact that she has to give the benefit of the doubt as she shops online this year. The broad shopping catalogs make her feel that her brain is in a blank state.

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Problem Solved

But with her two children Isaiah (5 yr. old) and Jacob (23 mo. old) growing up, they are starting to voice out what they wanted for Christmas, and here’s when her maternal instincts kick in. Underwood said that they were not about to get what they want for Christmas because it’s the little things that they wanted. She’ll make sure that they get plenty of the things that are more valuable and usable.

Isaiah, for example, wanted a Spider-Man water bottle. It was easy to get according to Carrie Underwood. She, as a parent, wanted to get their kids outdoors, and because of that, toys are no-go either. In her defense, it’s not like she doesn’t want her children to enjoy, and she doesn’t want to buy her children any. She just believes that toys shouldn’t replace their presence.

As for her husband, they tend to keep things simple. There’s no need to exchange presents because a simple home-cooked meal and their presence are already enough for each other.

For Underwood’s parents, she gives her mom what she’s been wanting but didn’t bother telling her daughter. As for her father, he doesn’t usually speak up so her options are just getting him comfortable clothes that he may slip into.

But this year, Carrie Underwood asked her husband to get her some gifts, and Mike Fisher is quite adept at it. Carrie requested cows, an actual living cow. And with her husband being a known hunter, her Christmas wish is sure to come true.

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