Country Daily features songs that centralize our much-loved state. Today, we would like to feature this evocative song that reminds us of the real treasure of a community, state, and the entire humanity.

“One Tin Soldier”

Through the creative minds of Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter “One Tin Soldier” is a 1960s counterculture era anti-war song. It narrates the story of a hidden treasure and two neighboring tribes. The peaceful Mountain Kingdom and the warlike Valley Kingdom were said to have been mortal enemies. These two tribes heard of a treasure hidden in one specific place. Because of greed and too much love for wealth,  the Valley People ultimately invade and slaughter the Mountain People and went on to get the hidden treasure. To their surprise, the treasure turns out to be simply three words inscribed on the underside of a rock:

“Peace On Earth”. Ironically, the valley people destroyed the treasure in pursuit of it.

Billy Jack

Singer Jinx Dawson of the band Coven performed the song at a 1971 session with the film’s orchestra as part of the soundtrack for the Warner Bros. film Billy Jack.

Billy Jack is a 1971 action-dram film. It is the second of four films centering on a character of the same name which began with the movie The Born Losers , played by Tom Laughlin.  The movie follows the core message of the song which is peace on Earth. Little did we know that the real “treasure” we continue to pursuit actually lies within us . Let us then start polishing that treasure within ourselves by stimulating our inner peace. Later on, let us spread the spirit of peace to our neighbors. Eventually, we will see how the “treasure” shines brightly within our community until it spreads to larger society.

Peace begins with our own self. Peace be with you fella!

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