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Harry Connick Jr. and Jill Goodacre Are Still Madly In Love! Here’s Their Story

Harry Connick Jr. and Jill Goodacre tied the knot in 1994 in New Orleans. Nearly twenty-seven years later, they still only have eyes for each other – proving that what they have is the epitome of true love.

Although several outlets reported that Harry met the stunning Victoria’s Secret supermodel at a party in 1991 – during the height of her career – the couple revealed that it was much more low-key than everyone thought. Harry and Jill actually met in California while staying at the same hotel. While swimming in the pool, the singer saw Jill walked by as she was about to check out.

Harry said he was smitten with Hill at first sight, so he mustered all his courage to introduce himself. And it was not to ask her to go on a date with him, “but she is such an amazing beauty that the physical attraction was so strong. I never saw anybody that beautiful in person before,” Harry recalled.

On the other hand, Jill knew right at that very moment she found the man she wanted to marry. In fact, Jill laughingly recalled how she called her mother that night she met Harry and told her she met the guy she’s going to marry.

But despite knowing right then and there that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, Harry and Jill didn’t rush their relationship. The two dated for two years before Harry got down one knee and asked Jill to marry him. And it was all worth the wait.

They married after two years of being engaged and exchanged vows at the incredible St. Louis Cathedral in front of 300 guests.

Fast forward to today, the happy couple has stuck together through the ups and downs and has raised their three daughters: Georgia Tatum, 24; Sarah Kate, 23; and Charlotte, 18.

The singer once revealed what’s so special about his long-standing marriage with his ‘best friend’ Jill. “For me, it’s all about my maintaining interest in her. I mean, she’s fascinating to me, she’s still mysterious to me,” Harry said. “I’m still very interested in her and everything that sort of makes her tick, and I think it’s mutual.”

Harry added that they never “think of it in terms of keeping the spark going.” They just both take things day by day and never miss counting their blessings. After all, being around his wife – whom he respects and admires so much – is the thing he loves the most.

“All I can do is try to walk the walk and improve and be a good a person as I can be,” he said.

And just like every couple, Harry and Jill also went through some hardships – which only made them even stronger. In 2012, Jill was diagnosed with Stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma. She battled cancer for five years, underwent two surgeries, and endured radiation before she entered into remission.

Jill admitted that the most devastating part of her fight with cancer was having to tell their three daughters about the diagnosis – but the girls have been very supportive, clinging to their mother more than ever. As for her husband? Harry never left Jill’s side, though he admitted he got terrified, especially that he lost his mother to ovarian cancer when he was only thirteen.

Harry still has the same hope he did after the very first time he met his wife, and it’s to grow old with her. He’s beyond grateful that he still can.

Indeed, Harry Connick Jr. and Jill Goodacre know the secret to a lasting marriage.


Harry Connick Jr., Jill Goodacre

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