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Listen to Gene Autry’s Classic Hit “Be Honest With Me”


Gene Autry is everyone’s favorite singing cowboy. He is a trailblazer and a very accomplished artist of his time. In fact, he is the only person to ever be in the Hollywood Walk of Fame for film, television, music, radio, and live performance.

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We all fell in love with his crooning style and the way he captivates his audience through his songs. Now, let us look into his classic hit “Be Honest With Me,” and see if we can learn something from the singer.

Gene Autry Wants Us to be Honest

The song is a piece of classic country music. It is very sweet and it is as endearing as the other songs of Gene Autry. The track is like a reminder of a man to his lover. The woman might be leaving him, but he wants her to be loyal and honest. 

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There was even a conditional statement where the man said ‘if you love me.’ This part right here strikes me as the man being doubtful with their relationship. If both people are really in love with each other, why is the other one asking someone to be honest with them?

Lyrics Breakdown

Be honest with me dear whatever you do
Remember you’re mine dear
so always be true
Where ever you wander
on land or on sea
If you really love me
be honest with me

Honesty in a relationship is very important because it is the foundation of trust. It is hard to trust your partner when you feel like he/she is not being honest with you. Gene Autry’s track should be seen as something that teaches a lesson for all those who are in a relationship. Learn to be a trustworthy partner and trust your loved one. Honesty should come from both parties for it to work out.

Listen to Gene Autry’s song here:


be honest with me, Gene Autry

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