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Faith Hills’ Powerful Song “American Heart”


Feeling lonely or tired today? Don’t worry because Faith Hill will give us inspiration in her song “American Heart.”

Every person endures hardship. Based on your past experience, what did you do in order to survive? I believe one of our traits as Americans is that we don’t usually give up. No matter how hard our situation or problem is we always choose to be brave and strong. Don’t you agree?

Faith Hills’ Song “American Heart”

It is a deep country ballad penned by Jonathan Singleton and Jim Beavers, and it was produced by Faith Hill and Byron Gallimore. This track was recorded by Faith and it was released to country radio, for airplay on October 1, 2012. Back in September 2012, Faith introduced her single and it was distributed to the airplay the following day. Before its release, many radio stations posted a sample of this track and official music video on their website. In addition, this track marked the first time a country artist debuted a single via the social networking site.

american heart, faith hill
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Back in 2012, “American Heart” ranked number 26 on the US Billboard Country Airplay chart and at number 57 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Lyrics Breakdown

She’s up before the sun, on the run
Another dollar another day another cup of coffee
Thank you, Lord for giving me one more
She still leans on her dreams but it seems
Sometimes she’s the only one who still believes that life is hard
So she takes it on with an American heart

“American Heart” is a song that tells about the story of a woman who survives her struggles by her faith in the American dream. This track speaks about reality. It shows that the American heart is unbreakable. It is a song that is good for people who are losing hope and interest in everything.

Faith shared the inspiration about this song. She said,

“This song inspires. It grabs a hold of a very special place that we all have in our hearts. Times are hard and people are struggling, but our spirit as Americans always seems to prevail.”

What a beautiful soundtrack it is!

Listen to Faith Hill’s “American Heart” here: