August 17

Every Time Two Fools Collide: Another Classic Dottie West and Kenny Rogers’ Duet

In Kenny Rogers’ musical career, he didn’t just go solo. He also had numerous successful duets with some of the greatest female musicians in the country music scene. “Islands in the Stream” was a huge success with Dolly Parton. Another was a duet with Sheena Easton of “We’ve Got Tonight.” Kenny Rogers also collaborated with Anne Murray of the song “If I Ever Fall In Love Again.” Let’s not forget the song “Don’t Fall in Love with a Dreamer” along with Kim Carnes. He also had a duet with Dottie West called “Till I Can Make It On My Own.”

Every Time Two Fools Collide: Another Classic Dottie West and Kenny Rogers’ Duet 1

Undeniably, all of those duets and performances have all received massive appreciation from the audience. It was a real success that we wish for them to sing once more. Nevertheless, we have all the recordings that we could reminisce about them and their performances. To bring back memories, here is another Dottie West and Kenny Rogers’ work. It is called “Every Time Two Fools Collide.”

Every Time Two Fools Collide…

Jan Dyer and Jeff Tweel pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “Every Time Two Fools Collide.” It was recorded and released by Dottie West and Kenny Rogers as a duet in January 1978. It was part of their album of the same name. Additionally, the song has reached at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Moreover, “Every Time Two Fools Collide” was supposed to be a single by Dottie West. However, Kenny Rogers and Dottie West decided to sing the song together as a collaboration. The reason was that Dottie West was a huge fan of Kenny Rogers. Also, both artists were at the same label and are produced by Larry Butler. Additionally, during the recording session, Dottie West was the first to record a song at that time, and it was Kenny Rogers’ after her. Kenny Rogers arrived very early for the session. Then, an agreement was set to collaborate “Every Time Two Fools Collide.”


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