September 18, 2018

Emmylou Harris Will Make You Cry with Her Song “Home Sweet Home”

emmylou harris
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There is nothing sweeter and more beautiful than to be in a place that you can call home. Some people define home to be a place where there is love, family, and they are sheltered from harm. Others like to say that home is wherever you may be as long as there is love and that home is not necessarily a physical structure. Home can be a person or a place. What about you, what does home mean to you?

Hard Bargain Album

Emmylou Harris delivers a melancholic song that will make you cry and at the same time sympathize with the character in the song. “Home Sweet Home” is a song written by Emmylou Harris for her 26 studio album. She released the album in 2011 and it performed well on the chart. Hard Bargain, Emmylou’s album, entered numerous charts inside and outside of the US. In the US, Hard Bargain reached No. 3 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. In addition, the album placed at No. 3 on the Billboard Folk Albums and No. 6 on the Rock Albums. It secured a spot on the Billboard 200 at No. 18.

Emmylou wrote eleven of the songs in her album, two other songs were written individually by Ron Sexsmith and Jay Joyce. Moreover, Emmylou collaborated with Will Jennings – he wrote the theme song of Titanic, “My Heart Will Go On”– to write the songs “Goodnight Old World” and “Six White Cadillacs.” None of her singles make it to the chart.

“Home Sweet Home” Content

Harris is not only a great singer but also an excellent storyteller. Her song “Home Sweet Home” tells the story of someone who is lost and is wondering the streets. The character only wishes to have a place he could call home and where he could rest safe and sound for the remainder of his life. However, many people just walked by him, and no one dares reach out to help the man.

“People pass by, they don’t see me here

And if they do they wish I would disappear.”

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Emmylou Harris, home sweet home

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