May 22

Elvis Presley Delivers a Heartwarming Version of “If We Never Meet Again”

Many of us fear death as we believe it to be the end of everything. We will cease to exist as we expire from life. All the things that matter to us will be gone, and we are not able to see them again. However, contrary to popular belief, death is only the beginning of something great. Even Elvis Presley believes in that.

Elvis Presley If We Never Meet Again His Hand in Mine
Elvis Presley/ Photo via Getty Images

When Elvis Presley Recorded “If We Never Meet Again”

When someone dies or when we die, it is not the end. The truth is we will be able to see the people we love again. When we die, we are not completely gone. Instead, we enter into the kingdom of God, a place that we will call home forever. Presley recorded a single that speaks of meeting the person you love again. “If We Never Meet Again” is a single written by Albert E. Brumley and recorded by Presley for his album His Hand in Mine.

His Hand in Mine Album

The meaningful gospel song was never released as a single, instead, it was only released as a track in the album. Therefore, the song never became successful or recognized by listeners. On the other hand, his album was a major hit. It placed at number thirteen on the Billboard 200. The album sold a million copies, hence it became platinum-certified by RIAA in 1992. Other gospel songs included in Presley’s album were “Swing Down, Sweet Chariot” and “Mansion Over the Hilltop.”

Since the album was a major success, it was reissued in 2008, adding four more songs for Presley.

Here’s Presley’s version of “If We Never Meet Again.”


All About the Song

The man (narrator) talks to his lover, telling her that they’ll never meet again. However, there’s a place in heaven that he’s sure to meet her. They have to endure life here on earth, maybe not by seeing each other or being together, but they’ll someday look into each other’s eyes. It may not be here on earth, but somewhere in heaven, they’ll reunite again.


Elvis Presley, His Hand In Mine, If we never meet again

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