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Earl Thomas Conley: Remembering his Hit Single “Angel in Disguise”

The passing of Earl Thomas Conley was a sad time in country music. He has been known in the ’80s where he charted a lot of number one songs. Today, let’s keep him in our memory as we listen to one of his greatest hits that he made popular.

Earl Thomas Conley Angel in Disguise
Photo Credit: Earl Thomas Conley/ Alamy Stock Photo/ Rolling Stones

“Angel in Disguise”

In the ’80s, Conley was one of the artists who made a record of having all his singles reach number one on the chart. All of his four singles came from his album Don’t Make It Easy For Me. One song that stood out from the album was his single “Angel in Disguise.” It was penned by him and Randy Scruggs in 1984.

The Story of the Song

The song tells the story of a love that happened unexpectedly. The narrator spends one night with a woman whom he never imagined falling in love with. She showed him what love felt like and despite that he wasn’t ready, he couldn’t contain the feeling he has for her.

I wasn’t ready for love when I looked in your eyes
You took me by surprise
You weren’t supposed to say that you loved me
You were just gonna stay for the night
I never held a hand that could touch me
And leave me with stars in my eyes

We really cannot say when we are ready or not when it comes to love. It happens out of the blue, and the only thing we can do is to submit ourselves to it.

Earl Thomas Conley

Conley died at the age of 77, on April 10, 2019. His partner in life, Carole Scates, said that the cause of Conely’s death was Cerebral Atrophy.

The ’80s

During his active years, Conley was able to score forty-one songs on the chart. He was one of the artists in the ’80s who had a lot of number one songs on the chart. Furthermore, when he released singles from one of his albums, it always scored the number spot.


Earl Thomas Conley

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