Uncle Si Of “Duck Dynasty” Shares Update Following Lung Surgery


Arden Lambert


September 13, 2022


September 13, 2022


September 13, 2022

Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty took to social media on Thursday (September 8) to let fans know that his lung surgery has been completed, and everything went according to plan. He even posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed and wrote in the caption that he’s “ready to get back at it.” 

He also thanked everyone who prayed and provided support. “It means the world to us,” the Duck Dynasty star said.

His health post-operation update was quickly met with well-wishers. This includes his partner on the Duck Call Room podcast, Justin Martin, who wrote in the comment section that he and Si still got podcasts to do. “Praying for ya old man. We love ya!” Martin added.

Willie Robertson’s wife, Korie Robertson, also expressed her love by sending emojis of prayer hands, celebration hands, and a heart on Si’s post.

Uncle Si And His Fair Share Of Health Problems

Uncle Si dealt with an array of health issues over the years. In various episodes of the Duck Call Room podcast, the TV personality admitted that smoking was partly to blame for his lung problems. He’s also been diagnosed with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which made his last year’s battle with COVID-19 a scary one – he even confessed that he thought he wouldn’t make it through.

In June, Uncle Si announced that he was approved for lung surgery that aims to address his breathing difficulties. While his lungs normally work when he breathes in, his one lung underperforms whenever he breathes out. So, surgery is needed wherein a device will be installed into his bad lung for him to exhale correctly.

We’re very glad to hear his operation has been successfully carried through. We can’t wait to see Uncle Si get back to his feet again. We hope each new day brings him closer to a full recovery!


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